BondTech Raise3D SinglelDirect upgrade unter Bondtech
BondTech Raise3D SinglelDirect upgrade

BondTech Raise3D SinglelDirect upgrade

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This extruder upgrade kit for the Raise3D N1/N2/N2+ printer will replace the original feeder placed on the printhead.
It fit´s both dual and single nozzle printers.

It allows for a more reliable printing with all sorts of filaments, both stiff and flexibles and the DualDrive system ensures that the extruder never looses grip of the filament so grinding, slipping is a thing of the past.

Original extruder setup on Raise3D is 532g for single setup, this new upgrade is 252g with the included motor and it allows for faster printing without surface issues due to vibration during accelerations/deaccelerations.

The kit comes with it own lightweight pancake motor.

The extruder is equipped with a push-fit connector for 4 mm ptfe tube that will let you connect the existing guide tube to the extruder. Tube is not included.

Installs in about half an hour with standard tools available.

This upgrade fits both the Revision 1 (casted) and Revision 2(cnc-milled) version of the printhead.

Full installation guide available at the tab installation guide.

Installation is done in about 20 minutes.

Plug & Play solution, no need to cut and solder wires.

E-step value: 415

It has come to our knowledge that if the ribbon cable to the break-out board gets unplugged when the printer is turned on, thermal runway might happen, make sure that the ribbon cable is securely held in place with hot glue or a zip tie.

- BondTech Raise3D SinglelDirect upgrade ist ein Artikel vom Anbieter buw. Hersteller Bondtech.

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