PrimaCreator BlackSheet 230 x 155 unter PrimaCreator
PrimaCreator BlackSheet 230 x 155

PrimaCreator BlackSheet 230 x 155

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Less warping with PrimaCreator BlackSheet!

PrimaCreator BlackSheet is the affordable and perfect solution for your printer and works with most filaments on the market. BlackSheet consists of a thin layer plastic film with unique properties. The BlackSheet makes you prints stick to the print surface and makes it easier to remove.

When you use a 3D printer, regardless if you are an experienced user or a beginner, warping and prints that are coming loose are a problem. There are many solutions on the market today and PEI is for example an alternative that’s is even more durable and stronger but the drawback for many people are the price. We set out to create a product that is as good or even better than other brands with similar products, and so enter BlackSheet.

PrimaCreator BlackSheet is a very durable material which you can use many times before it wears out, and when it does – it´s very easy to change. BlackSheet is a perfect choice when you are using PLA, ABS, PETG and other similar materials.

How to install.

  • Make sure that your current build surface, metal or glass is clean. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean for best result.
  • See so the BlackSheets fits, if it´s to big you can easily cut it so it fits perfect.
  • Remove the protective film and carefully place the BlackSheet on your build plate. Start from one corner and slowly work your way across the board. A credit card is perfect to have at hand so you can smooth out any bubbles as you go.
  • For best results, re-level your build plate. The distance can be a little higher than you are used to – find the perfect settings for the filament you are using.

How to maintain a nice surface.

  • Don´t use any sharp knives or object as you risk damaging the BlackSheet.
  • To clean the BlackSheet, don´t use any strong solvents like acetone. Rubbing alcohol often works best.
  • Make sure to remove any filament residue from the surface.
  • See to it that your nozzle doesn´t come in direct contact with the BlackSheet, it will melt.
  • Do not use with temperatures higher than 110 degrees Celsius.
- PrimaCreator BlackSheet 230 x 155 ist ein Artikel vom Anbieter buw. Hersteller PrimaCreator.

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